About Us

Bolden audio puts together its favorite things, Comics, Fun, voice acting, people, creativity, Opportunity and cool mind morphing audio with visual excellence. Now you have the opportunity to do voice characters, read scripts, or create your own. After years of my family and I attending comic cons and enjoy everything all that the venders and artists had to offer, we sat and thought about what we could possibly bring to the table that would be a different experience for the comic con goers, what could we add. After lots of thinking and years of preparation we came up with Bolden Audio.

Be A character, Be the character! That’s what we say here a Bolden Audio Comics. BAC makes you and your character one. We make your character come to life in our short scenes and scenarios created by Bolden Audio, Partners and idea we get from you. We provide the artwork, background, and sound effects. You provide your voice as the character. You can choose to read right from the script or make it your own by saying what you want. There is no limit. Hear yourself as one character in one scene or choose to go all in and play as many other characters as you like. We enjoy watching you have fun being yourself and your character.
We are proud to say that we are absolutely the only vender at any comic con to offer anything like what we do.

We provide

The Artwork

The Background

The Sound Effects

The Script (Optional)

The Platform