Have you ever considered getting into voice acting?

Maybe you’ve always thought it would be an exciting and fun career.

Maybe you think it sounds cool, but you have no idea how to get started.

Maybe you think it’d be a fun hobby or past time.

Maybe today is your lucky day!

Whether you’re serious about becoming a voice actor or are simply looking for a fun experience or something to show off to your friends and family, Bolden Audio Comics has the perfect starting point for you. We’ve put together an incredible platform that allows you to test your skills, hone your talents, and build up your portfolio. You can pick your scene, become the character (or characters!), and watch it all come to life with your voice, your personality, and your unique perspective driving the plot.

So how does it work?

We provide

The Artwork

The Background

The Sound Effects

The Script (Optional)

The Platform

Are you ready to become the character?

It’s easy to get started! Click the button below to fill out your Hero’s Information Form. It’s eight simple questions that will only take a couple of moments. Your answers will help us provide you with the best scene options for you. From there we can schedule a Video Conference or Zoom Meeting with just you or you and whoever you’d like to be included in the comic or you can send us your pre-recorded lines and we’ll put it all together for you!

Bolden Audio Comics allows you to:

Build out your Voice Acting Portfolio

 Practice and Hone your Skills

Create and voice with people from just about anywhere

Impress your Kiddos

And So Much More!

It doesn’t matter where you’re located or how far away you are from your best friend or favorite group of people. You can put together a Virtual Live Reading with one of our professional engineers and feel like you’re in the same room as you bring life to the comic scene. Once your scene is complete, we’ll send you a digital copy that is yours to do with as you please! Post it on social media, add it at your portfolio for upcoming auditions, or simply bring it out at fun family events.

So what are you waiting for? Use the button below to get started TODAY! It might be the stepping stone you need to take your voice acting career to the next level.

Use the form below so that you don’t miss out on updates, new releases, contest opportunities, and upcoming event appearances (Comic-Con, etc). We’ll provide you with fresh ideas, giveaway information, and additional resources that might help you get your voice acting career/hobby/experience off the ground.